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Our Lifetime Achievement Award From The NHRA for our enduring dedication to the World of Hotrodding!!
(a real Wally)

can any other shop say that they have a real Wally Parks for hot rodding history?
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we didn't just stick a badge on our website, and YES, we were here before SEMA even started!!

321 El camino Real 
So San Francisco, CA 94080

Were the july 2012 Hot Rod Deluxe Magazin earticle "Then & Now"!

Heres the November 2012 Hot Rod Magazine issue that they built the Draguar in our parking lot 


    Ted Gotelli & Jim McLennan 


Team work in the 60's Gotelli car with the Champion truck as pusher

grudging it
Gotelli vs Champion

Gotelli  is now a Ridetech Dealer! and their  new shocks with a

Team Gotelli was the very first team to run Fire suits and parachutes on there cars, now standard safety parts

Team Gotelli and the Organ Grinders Racing Team was the very first team to have matching Pit Crew uniforms, now standard, in every form of racing

Gotelli Racing thru-out the years
Racing in the 60's

Racing in the 70's

Racing in the 80's

Racing in the 90's

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