Gotelli Speed Shop and the Crew in the press!!

July 2012 issue of Hot Rod Deluxe we are the
Then & Now feature great pictures of the shop
and great details of our history in Racing

January 2011 in Hot Rod Deluxe, Bruno Gianoli gets a b-day shout-out from the great Dave Wallace,
Great now Bruno's going to be even bigger pain in the butt, now that he has his picture in more magazines!
Thanks alot Dave
really thanks!!!!

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Gotellis Speed Shop occupies a special place in the hearts of Northern California hot rodders, drag racers, motor sports enthusiasts, and hobbyist-owners of revered American “muscle” cars. Family owned since 1962, Gotellis has been “the place” to go for people looking for speed and performance parts and services. Our customers love fast cars and enjoy customizing and maintaining each one to suit their unique driving style and taste. Many take their cars to the track both autocross and drag racing.
With 100s of brands to help each customer upgrade their ride. Gotellis stands for the highest quality parts, a fair price and a commitment to personal service.

Gotelli Speed Shop specializes in high performance street and racing parts and services. We offer customer proven upgrade kits in power, suspension, brakes, wheels and other categories. We stock methanol and 10 different grades of high performance racing fuel for every motorsport application.
We also stock conventional and synthetic oils such as Joe Gibbs, Brad Penn, Royal Purple, Red Line.

At Gotelli you get the performance you want from the experts you trust.

The Bang Shift Crew (Chad Reynolds) and Route2media out for the week filming at Gotelli Speed Shop and Goodguys for the 25th West Coast Nationals heres a few pictures of them interviewing Bruno Gianoli, Ted Gotelli and Rodney Prouty click the Pictures for more images


Hot Rod Magazine was here filming in July 2012 for there Roadkill video series and some shots for the mag!



The Boys from Belmont


The Voices of Drag Racing

The Boys From Belmont part 1

The Gotelli Speed shop dragster used for a coca-cola magazine ad!!!

awesome!! right


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