NHRA award to Gotelli

For Years Ted and family along with the shop guys! Have spent there lives promoting racing and being a real speed shop!
Yes we built the car, and then we raced the car and would win, and on Monday we sold you the parts, knowing damn well you would be gunning for us the coming weekend
 So after shop hours we kept at it, adding more to stay ahead, and the NHRA knew that and honored us with a Lifetime Achievement Award  for our enduring dedication to the World of Hotrodding and Building a Racing foundation!! That still stands today!
And for Introducing the Fire Safety Suit for driver protection and the Safety Chute forever changing the face of Racing and safety.

A Lifetime Achievement Award!! how many? if any, speed shop, can say that they helped truly build racing today !

Here it is, the NHRA award for Our Lifetime Achievement presented to Ted Gotelli and Jim McClennan at the Bakersfield Raceway

the matching award to ours was presented to Jimmy McClennan of Champion Speed shop is now currently on display at Roy Brizio Street Rods shop along with one of the shop dragsters, Roy has a fantastic hotrod history tribute right in his shop!

here's the ole rail Hanging on the shop wall

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